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How do I always get myself into theses situations? Keeping Other People's Property. In this situation it is again someone's child or should I say children. These little guys lived with us in Beaumont off and on from the age of eight months until they were two they are three now. For the past year they were living in Arkansas with their mom and grandparents and are now supposed to be with their father in Beaumont.
I fill so sorry for the boys. They have other siblings (still in Arkansas)a 4 yr old brother and a year old sister. The nature of the matter is the parents just don't care for them. They claim love, but are very neglectful. At three the boys can not talk beyond baby noises. They can not be understood, have had no basic academic or behavioral training and are still in diapers. They may as well be babies. I am really frustrated because I know from experience with living together nothing I do with them will be of lasting value because the parents don't follow through.
Before they left last year I worked hard with them and was making some progress. So far each day I take the children on a short walk and they can't handle it. They fall a lot and breath as if they are out of breath. I have encouraged the father to sign them up with the childcare assistant paying system in Beaumont so he can get them into school. I don't want to rear them, get them prepared for school and then have them go back into the situation they were in.


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