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I have always loved the way my daughters have been able to hold their own in a conversation. From a very young age they have been able to get their point across in very clear, sometimes projected voices. Especially Karra. Yesterday was a good example and I am glad I wasn't present.

Karra brought the boys with her to Target and Walmart and when she came home she was livid about a woman with the gall to confront her in Walmart about the need to be ashamed of herself for being such a young mother.

Though she looks years younger, (wearing size double 0) Karra will be twenty-six on Thursday which she informed the woman and if she said even half of what she told us she told the woman to correct her assumption, I feel sorry for the lady. I tend to be a buffer between Karra and the world when she gets started and yesterday I wasn't there. Don't get me wrong, Karra doesn't use profanity because her grasp of the dictionary is extreme, quick and sharp and when confronted with what she deems as ignorance she will belittle the hell out of you with it. The woman probably didn't get a word in edgewise and Karra said when she had finished, people at the next register were watching with their mouths opened. Whew, I shudder.
The thing is how much right do we have to criticize another person? We never know what is really going on. Karra said she first saw her when she was getting the boys in a basket on entering the Walmart and throughout the trip with the boys, up and down the isles she would pass the woman and receive strange looks. I guess once they were at a register the woman had built her nerves to confront her. My thing is, how much nerve do you have to confront what you assume to be a teenaged mother and berate her? As Karra said, what if the children had been a result of rape or abuse? I wonder how the woman felt when told the children weren't even Kara's and even better how did it make her feel about being so outspoken?


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The lady should not have made the assumption furthermore she certainly should not have voiced her opinion. She got what she gave a good tongue lashing.

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