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Presentation. It is such a shame how we judge everything by the appearance. In my mind it goes with everything. If the very first view you have of a person or a product does not touch us as appealing we do not return to it and if we do it is usually with disdain.

My daughters and I were discussing their childhood and I brought up the fact how  would make sure they made a spectacular impression in the stroller. Blankets matching spread out enticingly. Child well dressed and laying in the middle. Mhia (I'll just use her) was beautiful (on the outside) and people would bend over to comment, but we would all jump in to say 'watch your face'. She had an annoying habit of striking out with quick little claws, beautiful, but deadly. Appearances can be deceiving.

Me, I have never seen myself as others do and so I let this keep me from going to a conference I really wanted to attend. I just didn't want to let my abilities be ear marked poorly by physical defects. I'm a little mad at myself, but this past year has shown me that experience and ability means nothing when looks are seen by the naked eye. It had taken me years to be used to the person I was and now it is something different, again. Oh, well. I'll wade in and keep on going.
Have any of you had any such experiences?


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

We are all afraid of how others view us. I was intimadated to the hilt at the conference. I avoided other speakers because I didn't feel Good enough. Actually I felt like I was faking it. After all I hadn't any books written. Then I hears Casey Kelly speak at the luncheon about how we stick to the one's that we feel more comfortable with, and avoid people that we may deem imperfect to the eye. Let me tell you I sat up straighter. Even if people don't accept you you need to accept yourself. One lady came barefeet to our dress up awards dinner. She didn't let not having a pair of shoes stop her. I like her style and yours to so get over it and get with it. You have talent and really that is ALL you need.

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