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TODAY’S VOICE….The Well Meaning Person… Have you ever done something, wanting nothing from it and felt slapped in the face afterwards?

For two months (April-June) of this year my daughters and I opened our home and let a mother and her three sons live with us. The idea was hard to talk them into because nearly three years ago we kept a baby (he was 3 months when we got him) for nine months, through Rita and was on the point of adoption when the family took him back and gave him to someone else who gave him to someone else. What did we learn from this? People are thought provoking.

Now this little mother was twenty-four and the boys were three and one year old twins. Oh, did I mention the mother was also pregnant? We came to know this family because she is the girlfriend of a cousin. Because he a thirty year old man was “tired, stressed about bills, the noise, and didn’t want another child”, he put her out with nothing. This I believe comes from being reared by a mother (also my cousin) who was never in s stable relationship and was neglectful to her children. This girl was from Arkansas (she left her housing, medical support and food stamps) and had no other family out here, no money to go back to her mother, and so she said no support from her family…I had a new daughter and three grandsons. I could rant and rave about so many other things but in order to make a long story short I’ll just say this… Love is crazy. Needless to say she has happily gone back to him. What have we learned….I don’t know yet, but I'll pray for her...them.


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You just keep on tapping on those keys. You have a lot to say that is great, refreshing and alive.

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