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THIS AFTERNOON'S VOICE…. The Mom Whose Hands are Deep in Dish Water…

Now that the children in the center are taking a nap I have had enough time to clean the living room and wash the dishes. Life can be hard. Sometimes I am so tired I just wish my daughters would remember the schedule that has been in effect for over ten years and lend a hand to wash the dishes. There is nothing in life I hate more than washing dishes. I used to stand in solitude watching a blank wall until I put this decorative mirror up. Now, I tire of seeing my everlasting beauty staring back at me three to four times a day. I would listen to music, but I’m afraid my Ipod would fall into the water. What I would really like to do is bag up every piece of dish, throw them in the trash, buy paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils and live the glorious life. Short of that I’ll just take a seat somewhere, pull out my Ipod and watch my San Diego vacation videos, the one part where help was on the way. And no, I don't do laundry.


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