Running my fingers across the keys

Best Blogger Tips

Once I was off of the computer and thinking about what I had written earlier in the day, I berated myself for being such a ranter. I questioned why I was complaining about little incidents in a job I truly love. As a home-schooling parent or an instructor in life(as I would call myself to my daughters ), I would try to see what I have gained from each day, trial, or anxiety. Last Friday I stood in my little center wondering how I would make the payments on bills due this week when I was down to one baby and Sunday night four repeaters asked to bring their children back, at least for the next two months. I have learned and keep having to relearn that God hears me even when I don't speak.

Yesterday, I learned a lot. I learned that blogging is in essence a way to release and connect. A way to get things off of your heart that could possibly cripple your soul. I learned (through my youngest daughter's instructions) how to put a video on Youtube and then in my blog. She gets her teaching skills from me.

This morning I learned others do hear me and I am humbled. When I get my voice back, and the children are napping I will again come-a-tappin'


Those Feeling My Voice