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I had never thought about blogging before. I love to talk even though most of it is done within my head. I mean what exactly is the good in blogging? After a very informative meeting at Beaumont’s Golden Triangle’s Writer’s Guild, I now know and so after much thought….I am now writing a blog. I checked out a few blogs one in particular stood out….the question “are dreams outdated or the new wave?”

Dreams are such illusive things. I have had a few and a couple I have worked hard to pursue. One minute I think I have a grip on them and then I’m off on the chase again…which brings me to the title for my page…VOICEOVER.

I am the voice of those who want to say it, are afraid to say it, or are never heard even after they say it. I am living (partly) one of my dreams and am now so frustrated with it, I could just stomp my feet, scream and holler or just spit, but then I would be acting like one of the children that have been placed in my care. Love the young, but bothered by the parents.

TODAY’S VOICE…THE UNCELEBRATED CAREGIVER….Have you ever had a job where you know you are good, people praise you for what you are doing and yet they will take the fruits of your labor and move it somewhere else? The childcare profession is like that. After molding a child for the first three years of its life on a daily basis, after hearing how smart the child is, and how well I have taught the child I am more than frustrated when the child is removed from my care to be placed in the ‘public’ educational center. Pre-K3 & 4 is the same as being taught at home by a dedicated caregiver. This may sound ungrateful, but hey….it’s my voice. Let me stop a minute and stomp my feet.

I believe in education which is why I home schooled my children. A child placed in my care can pretty much read, knows all of the basics and is nearly ready for kindergarten at the age of three and yet the parent will put the child in a ‘free’ place even if they have to lie about their income. Hey, again this is not a problem I’m all for saving money. I ’d save money too if I could make some. My problem is that most of the parents are doing this not for the child, but for themselves. Who cares that the child cries to be back with the person they have known on a daily basis for their entire lives…I can go on, but I have no need when I get a little bit of the joy back when the parent calls me to complain about the public center that has taught the child nothing new and how the child has forgotten all it had previously known and would I work with them after school or during the summer.

Even though the voice sounds rough and unforgiving at times, A smile from one of the children in my little center makes the prick of irritation disappear.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Bravo, Bravo, your blog is great!!!
Now how did you get that vido on there?

Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

Nancy, this is wonderful. And last night you said, "I don't understand anything you're saying." Well... I didn't believe it. You're too smart not to understand. I love your message and I love the title of your blog and I love that scripture. You go girl!!!

Klevrkris said... Best Blogger Tips

Your message is a great one. Many parents out there (particularly the busy working ones) don't realize the value of a constant, nurturing, dedicated home care provider. For many of them, it's the bottom line that matters. I have been a child care provider and the difference in parenting (those who know and those who don't know what a difference it makes) is startling. I have also home schooled. I loved having my children at home with me. My first two never attended pre-K. They knew how to read before kindergarten and are gifted students. For my oldest two, homeschooling for one year was all they needed to be reminded of their value and find themselves again. My youngest two have taken a different track entirely. While their intelligence is also advanced, they have come to us with challenges unmanageable at home. The things that worked great for the older two hit walls with the younger two. It was a devastating day when my second youngest was identified as severely speech delayed and due to his age he had to attend pre-K to get services (he was 3!). This went against everything I wanted for my babies. I had to let him go. He soared. His speech is much better now but the other issues we've had with him have just recently been identified as Autism with SPD. His bag of uniqueness was beyond my capabilities. He'll always be part of the public school system. My youngest, who is nearly 3, will begin pre-K in August. She too has severe speech delay. They haven't quite figured out why yet. I agree with you that nothing and no one can ever replace the loving, nurturing, consistent care that come from a stay-at-home mom or the rare child care provider such as yourself. Continuing that care as a homeschool is another avenue to continue the program of learning with love and support and understanding that no public school can provide. I have been forced to accept and admit my own limitations and work in partnership with the public school system. All public school systems are different. Some are not worth the time it takes to make them work for the individual. With the right public school system in combination with a loving, nurturing support system in place at home, marvelous success is achievable. In the case of special needs children, a good relationship with the public school system can be an invaluable tool in the bag of tricks needed to survive and excell.

Thank you for your blog. It is an often unsung message. You represent the unsung heroes of the childcare system. Congratulations on your successes in homeschooling.

You don't know me, I'm Holli's sister. I'm the only sister in a group of four that is not an aspiring author of some variety. I do love blogging. Holli got me started. I hope you enjoy blogging too.

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