Leasing Your Dreams to be Dashed

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I am one of those delusional people that I have seen criticized in many blogs. I'm the one that believes sooner or later my name will be pulled from the hat and my manuscripts will be published and in the homes of millions. Of course I will make some money, but most of all people will learn something from the stories. Hey, delusion got the ark built, the sea to part, and a free tv broadcasting through the tower.

Every morning I go through the list of blogs on the right side and read what my people are saying or doing. Today I was confused by two sites. One said write write, but here are the statistics to the many other books to block your success. The other implored me to write what 'I' think and feel and not really what the agents believe they want.??? That wouldn't be too hard because I don't think they really know what they want, I believe it is all a matter of going with the wave. Whatever strikes the publishing shore is the 'now'.

You know, if you have a thought or a delusion/faith in what you should do....follow the faith. All else is leasing out your dreams to be used and changed by another persons belief or worse, dashed.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I can not began to tell you how distressed I was last year over drowning in rejection slips. I decided to give up. Then I got the $500 for my recipe and I got right with my writing. I decided 2 things.I didn't really need validation I already knew I was a fine writer. Rather I got paid or published it didn't matter "writing" is what I do, it is who I am. I recognized YOUR talent from the start. You are a "wordsmith," and fiction is definitely your strong suit. Go with what pleases you. I might have to write in the confines of a "topic" to get paid but what I say about the "topic" is all ME. Just don't ever give up!

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