When Learning one Thing Leads to Another

Best Blogger Tips

After visiting so many extraordinary web sites I have envied the flash in their header. I wanted one in mine. It has taken me hours to learn the html. First I used what I knew about making a simple movie into a flash movie. As I am sure you all know, in order to have the movie on the blog site it had to be uploaded in Youtube, first. Easy. The hardest thing was making the contorls 'disappear'.To make a long story short I now have water flowing in the header of my Wade-In Publishing blog site. I am so excited at the beauty and calmness of the flow.The bad thing is it will not show in Internet Explorer. From all of the searches no one else knows what the problem is with the browser. I'm off to do more searches to figure it out and if you would like, feel free to click on over there and leave a comment.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Learning is time consuming and frustrating but once you learn something new oh what a joy. Kudos to you on your latest joy.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks. I love learning new things at my pace. I feel doubly rewarded when not rushed.

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