Looking for the Funny Keys

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Okay, I'm back to searching the keys for a little joy. Joy in life that is. In reality, stark faced reality nothing is funny in my world and then I run to my whinespot, but if I step back one small inch then every hour of the day has a laugh in it.

It starts when I turn on the television. For one thing the digital change did nothing for my viewing pleasure. For a while we couldn't get CBS or NBC. Nothing worked until I moved the HD TV I won last year to another spot in the room and came up with this beautiful rendition of a satellite receiver. I call it 'The Tower'. Notice the beautiful red canister? It's not there when Mhia has to do some baking. Now, don't get happy for me because this only get some of the channels. With this gorgeous (free--so there is joy in that) television sitting on the top of a bookshelf I must search through the guide to see what will be on each viewing channel for up to six hours and decided whether these shows will be what I want to watch or hear. If not, I must then take down the stool, stand on it and put the antennae up higher to the top of the cabinets in order to search through the other channels. Don't make me laugh and ask me about the converter boxes because they work the same as the $40 antennae. What a joy.

The second part of the joy in my day also comes from watching television. I don't really do a lot of it because I have noticed I am too critical. It may be the writer/editor in me because I have noticed a lot of silly things that don't make sense in commercials, television shows and even the cartoons. My youngest has now starting saying "It's t.v. Mom. Nothing makes sense. Just watch it and don't pay attention." I think this is when you know you have grown-up. You forget television is not real and your child is the one that has to remind you.

The last part of the joy in my day has been the race with the lights. Which means as a writer I must type and save after every period or face the risk of losing my words in the computer. For some reason the lights in our area and I mean only the six town homes on my side of the street just go out. For no apparent reason. We can look outside and everyone facing us and those behind us will have lights, but we will not. They were out four hours one night, stayed on all day. The they were out three hours, came on for two and then were out again for six hours. Uhmmm, maybe my tower is more powerful than I think.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I am happy you have found the joy in small things. Even through your struggles your readers can tell you have maintained "joy" in your life.

From your daughters to your dog, your writing and even unselfishly putting your friends on your posts show that your life is full of joy.

Keep the JOY going!!! Don't let anyone or anythig take that away from you.

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