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So many thoughts and pictures were racing through my subconscious mind as I slept. I struggled to acknowledge each of them. Ridiculousness. A sure sign you need a rest.
I've been wasting too much life in the news and struggling  with personal issues. It has begun to manifest into turmoil in what is supposed to be, the restful places. Without warning, my eyes popped open and I felt an empty space.  Darkness, nothing, emptiness and I panicked.  A roar of silence that filled my ears with pressure. You know what I'm saying. So quiet you can hear blood flowing.
For a brief second I wondered if I had lost my memory. I could feel a throbbing in a corner of my brain like the quick kick of an impeding migraine.  And I released my breath and pulled in sanity. I began to search the attic of my memory.  Kneeling under heavy beams and digging through trunks to find my life. Tossing things out, over my shoulders, behind my back, all willy - nilly,  helter-skelter and filling the empty space. I found me.

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