I Know He Dint. It all Comes Out in the Wash #whitewashing

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I was visiting what is becoming one of my favorite sites, THE ONYX TRUTH, when I came upon the article about Nick Cannon dressing in whiteface to basically promote his latest album White People Party Music, I had to stop. Good article and great points, you should read it.

My question, is dressing in Whiteface double standard or a form of flattery? Isn't this the thriving goal for many POC? To become more like their non-colored counterparts? Thinking if they were more like whi-uh Mike, all will be right in the world? Isn't that the goal of whitewashing in publishing and other media? Isn't it the thread of society, the thorn in the side, the underlying root to the racism, prejudice, bullying in the world?

I have to say, my first opinion is, what goes around comes around, but then my sense of fairness kicks in. Whiteface is no more appealing than Blackface, its another form of ridicule and belittling. When people stop using the difference in others as a form of humor or a way to make money- then prejudice will have a point of ending. Unitl then, if you gonna get mad at people making fun of you - don't make fun of them.

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    rh said... Best Blogger Tips

    You are probably right. If you don't want to see it, have it done to you, be an example of that.

    I still kept thinking about Martin Lawrence in the 90s, and a couple other comedians, who were really (Seemingly) harmless in their makeup.

    For me, I think that there are lines crossed. For instance, Halloween. People posting pictures in front of cotton fields or wearing overalls and picking fun at something that was not in the least bit funny.

    It's just somehow different when comedians do things. Especially when they are not poking fun at someone's race, but are playing a character in a skit.

    Then, again, if it's a sensitive topic, we have to be prepared to lead by example. Like if I marry someone who is sensitive about something, yet they poke fun about me for the very same reason. Such a thin line. Tough call, Wade. I am, as always, on the fence. I have a strong opinion both for and against it, I suppose. SIgh.

    Ey Wade said... Best Blogger Tips

    In Eddie Murphy's case, I don't see the ridicule- I just saw him as being another person in the barbershop. Basically just being a normal person. In the other movies, mentioned in the article- all are there to make fun of another person's makeup in society. What we assume (some rightly) people to be.m I will never understand why they had to have a White guy play a Black character, unless I go see it I guess. Not gonna happen. I couldn't even watch White Chicks because I felt a bit embarrassed. One thing with Nick Cannon's new album, and it's just my opinion, I just don't see the white music.
    Yeah, it is a big jump between funny and racism. It all boils down to the individual way of thinking.

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