The Extent & Guts of the Privileged Gags Me #stopwhinning

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"In her lawsuit, Rachel Canning has been seeking a declaration of non-emancipation — or continuing financial dependence on her family. She wanted Bogaard to award her $654 weekly in child support and make her parents pay her upcoming college tuition."USAToday
What the shit in hell? What a lot of guts this kid had - and I don't mean it as a good thing. The majority of parents do all they can for their children and then to have one of those children turn against and then sue for a choice in education is ridiculous to me. I believe in further education for my children, but I don't believe it is a privilege I don't believe I have to be financially accountable.

For years it was drummed into the heads of parents, by society, that is was their responsibility to make sure their children had the financial where-it-all to attend college. I never liked that. Before I became a parent I heard of the ones who gave all to the children who just failed out of school, quit for no reason and essentially wasted money which could have been used to support the family.
Going to college is a choice of the one who attends and shouldn't be a law. In my opinion, baby you need to find a way to support your choice. Watch what the judge said.
This entitled, privileged, disobedient child who had no respect for her parents when she moved out or her schooling from which she was suspended, now has a lawsuit in place that has the potential to effect parents and families everywhere. I think she should lose her case, get a job, financial aid or whatever and take care of her own extended education.

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