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I saw a question as I scrolled down my Facebook timeline and I just had to scroll up and throw in my 2 cents. Yes, I have that mentality, if you ask, I will answer...well, only if I think it's worth sharing and burning my very limited brain cells. 
The question was sorta like this: 

Why do I hear of Black on Black crime? Is there no White on White?  Latino on Latino? Other ethnicity don't kill each other?

Well, here is my answer:

Yeah, it's old school mentality-
The reason you don't hear the term White on White   is because that crime  isn't labeled that way. It's called serial killer, mass murder, school shooting, family violence, theater shooting, bombing, misunderstood.Words that make you hug the TV because you know who did it, but it more than likely involves all, watch this.

There are certain keywords for specific crimes. Drive-by, unrest, family honor, retribution, religious, vagrant, civil disobedience, gangs, illegal immigrants....say the word and you'll immediately pick up who they're talking about.

Labeling a crime Black on Black has the desired effect of making making the audience feel the incident doesn't have a place with the rest of the world- it's just them again, so disconnect. Mind control.

Does it mean I hate a certain race because I know how words work, no. Nor does it mean I'm an average person who can't think for myself, as on respondent suggested. It means I am aware and know how the system works. 
I don't care about the numbers when it comes to crime because numbers change by the milliseconds and media uses words to cause anger and grab attention.
Humans justify by internal instincts and if that means the proverbial race card flips, its called 'self-preservation and a reading of emotions and situations. All Black people in America know the drill when it comes to perception of our movements and reaction, ignore it at your cost. I'm so sure this is true with all POC, you know the signs directed at your skin tone.
EVERY race has a card, some have 'special'-read 'privileged' cards. Its up to you how we use it. So get your head out your big butt panties and face that fact, it is truth.
 People (not their skin tone)kill,hurt and mutilate, news tries to get you to choose sides. It's up to you how you follow.

The end. That's it folks, it's over. Nothing to see here. Hmmm, wonder what ethnicity that covers.

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