Employers (some)-The New Voice of Slavery

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 Is it just me or have bosses lost their minds? I, like many Americans have been searching for full (any)employment. For me it has been a couple of years and we all know the longer you are out of work the harder it gets.Time is running out and it is crazy out there.

So far the job search has been a mind blower for me because in the eyes of the employer I am either too old or too experienced. Can you believe that? I was actually told this and I only work in the child care profession. Ridiculous. Isn't that the American mantra? Get educated, learn your field and you will work?  My nearly 40 years  in the public as well as personal ownership in the field has showed me a lot of things. Staff changes often because of poor treatment.

I believe what the real problem of the mass unemployment boils down to the awareness a seasoned worker will not put up with being treated like chattel. And so we pound pavement.

In one particular place of business my youngest daughter recently found her first job. She owns an online business but of course needs more money and thought she would learn something since it is a bakery and in her field. The staff work 8-11hour shifts where they aren't allowed breaks (of any kind),  are worked near to death and not allowed to eat or drink anything. If they happen to lean on something they are considered lazy and then are hollered at in front of customers.  In Texas supplying no breaks has legal backing. Way to go Texas. This employer basically hires young females between the ages of 19-25, of similar build (probably not to have to purchase new uniforms) and of diverse race. At least he isn't racist, right? Oh, wait I forgot he does allow them to go to the restroom in a minute and thirty second time frame "if" the place isn't busy. What kind of food place is never busy?

I really feel sorry for my daughter, but we all need jobs, right? Thank God she is young, but I don't play that. On her next day off we are pounding the pavement together. I refuse to let my child settle for what constitutes to be nothing more than modern day slavery. One thing I know for sure is that I'm the one who paid for her and I won't let anyone break her spirit. Can I just say #@!$ idiot better recognize.


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I am in a similar boat as you. Having lost my job of 30 some years at age 58 is bad news. And so many of the "jobs" I've been coming across are what I consider scams that what you to invest in order to work. The current employment statistics are inaccurate since they don't take into consideration the long-term unemployed, the people who have stopped looking, and the part-timers and temps. I thought finding a replacement job would be a breeze for someone with my background. Not as easy as I had thought. Good luck with your situation.

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Ey Wade said... Best Blogger Tips

@Arlee Bird
I'm. Getting very frutrated. Tank God mydaugter has a house for me and her sisters to share with her. I can onlybelieve allwill get better.

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