They're Playing Games-We're Losing

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I'm so tired of this idiotic game the politicians are playing. It's like a game on the school yard where this group of kids (Repubs) can't get along with that group of kids (Demos) and all they do is bicker and fight and throw things. What these grown up kids are forgetting is that the rocks they are throwing and the lines they are drawing are not just hurting the other side's team members, they are hurting the innocent. In order to keep one side from making progress that may help all they pussy-foot around laws and bills. 

Now that the Republicans seem to have the key to the house they are holding their line tight and blocking everything and the Democrats seem to be retreating. Giving leeway to having money taken out of the parent's pockets and now the food out of the children's mouths. Republicans Blocked Nutrition Bill for Needy Kids

When the Democrats were winning, the Repubs to make themselves look good, ran out to get this virtual unknown to play on their team. Crying 'Sarah can you come out to play", Not knowing she is a mean/gossip girl in disguise. Wait.... a mean snickering back-bitting gossip girl who would rather throw insults at her opponents than learn, history, science, or geography. Just because she knows a few words doesn't mean she has to use them all or make up any.

Now that S.P. stepped in front, straddles between two teams(wet bags and repub), and her blackboard screeching voice can be heard above all of their voices they are running scared. Yep, your leader will be an embarrassment as President. Worse than that she will be scary. You'll never know who she will insult or which button she will push. But that's okay she would probably tweet she thought it was for the elevator.

My main problem with SP is that she's an idiot. God help her if she runs for President. I mean really help her. Slap her into a desk chair, throw some books at her and teach her something about running the government. Teach her something about sticking to one thing and fulfilling her duties. You might want to sign her up for a little anger management class. Life is not a planned, payed for and scripted reality show or a pay to see me sign my name book signing. Get a clue Republicans and worry because mean girls spout nonsense and ridicule so fast and so loud their momentum builds, their fan base increases (because people secretly enjoy ridiculing others) and they become your leader.

I once had a pastor who said (when Bush was Pres.)to stand behind our leader and pray for him. His success could be our success. That was until the President became Obama and then it was a horse of a different color. It was then to pray his days were shortened.

Well, I still stand behind my President because he is the leader at the moment  and I feel he hasn't had the chance he should have been given. What newly elected President is given the chance? 

We, as Americans have three major faults. America elects men who have great hopes in serving their country as President. These men put their lives and the lives of every member of their family on the line to do this and we erroneously expect big change in a small amount of time. And we ridicule them. I applaud them for their efforts.

1.We forget about the time it takes to clean the mess from the former tenants. Mess piles on top of years of mess requires time and help.

2. We criticize and ridicule Our President to the world. Which means he has to fight to preserve his dignity in front of Foreign leaders. 
3.We ignore the haters and the friends left behind from the former tenants who won't play nice and cause flack and gridlock to this new leader.
4.When this new leader finally starts to make a path and improve things we kick him out and vote in another poor bleeding heart sucker and we start all over. Insanity.


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