No, Mom Santa Is Not Real.

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When is the best time to tell a child the truth about Santa Claus?  Well when the lie no longer fits, better yet, don’t even start it. If your child is a born skeptic you will be in for writing fiction for the rest of your life.

Telling a child Santa doesn't exist is as hard as being a single mom and lying to your daughter by saying "no, honey Mommy can't do everything." Are you kidding? Moms can do all things. Of course we can we are w-o-m-a-n. 

When a child is brave enough to ask (if Santa is real) such a question you have to be strong enough to answer in truth because without a doubt the query has to have been torturing the child's mind for sometime. More than likely some hurt disillusioned child blurted out the truth. Or do you spout some prolific words like the ones given to poor Virginia? Maybe, maybe not....I can guarantee you all that child heard was 'Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.'

What happened when she began questioning the illusion of showing love on Valentine's day, the Easter bunny, leprechauns with pots of gold, the power of voting and Lord help us the real meaning of Thanksgiving? What happens when the child questions our belief in Jesus Christ?


I believe we choose our illusions, delusions, faiths and fantasies. They can be poignant, a security and torture to cling to and foster. We hold on tight to whatever brings us comfort. I told my girls as toddlers to believe in what makes you happy and let others have that same choice.  Santa Claus is the spirit of giving and easier to understand if he has a face. Why he has to be a fat white bearded man in a red velour jogging suit breaking into homes and leaving gifts.... well, it could be that story belongs to someone else. Make him whatever color you want. Nothing hurts more in life than to find out the people you loved and trusted have lied to you. It’s best to tell the truth early on. So girls, Merry Christmas and remember, yes girls your mom can do all things.


Clarence***RealityIsGoodEnoughForMe***Alexander said... Best Blogger Tips

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eywade said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny, if you go over to my blog you would see my 30 days of wassailing, nothing but praise for other blogs.

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