Reading is Detrimental to Your Life

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It's amazing how much we know and barely realize it. I stand by the words I have always told my daughters. If you read you can learn anything someone else knows. When I became a parent of my first daughter I can't tell you how afraid I was. I must have read all kinds of books and then finally decided the child was not in the pages of any of them and had to step out on my own. A process that has become a habit.

When it comes to a broken item in the house, I bow to Jeeves, I can now fix so many things the family tends to call me when something has broken. This past weekend the DC hole on the netbook stopped working. You know that little hole where you plug the power cord? Well of course we hurried to Ask to see what we could do. I have dissected larger laptops of my own, but this little thing was for my daughter. Which means I did the research and she did the hands on. I only share info and tinker with my own things.

Needless to say, repair is imminent. We have to wait for ordered parts and then install them. This will basically cost no more than $30 where the computer repair shop wanted to charge $250! Goes to show what a little reading will save you.


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