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The picture is my Mom and baby sister.

You know blogging can really get you into trouble if you're not careful. Its like having a diary and putting it on the center of the coffee table for everyone to see.

I was thinking about my eldest daughter deep in the night because I thought I heard her call me. Made me a little nervous and then I remembered she is miles away living with my mom (5 days a week) while finishing her last semesters in college. When I thought of her being there I laughed a little and then felt pity for her.
I really love my mom. She's been a cranky old lady from the day of her birth, but she is strong and self-sufficient and can remember everything anyone has said or done. This July she'll be 78. She's reared 7 kids alone (after her divorce), worked many jobs at one time, lived through heart attacks (beginning at age 38) 2 quadruple bypasses and numerous other ailments. She drives me wild. Which is probably why I talk to my self in my head. It took her nearly fifty years to realize I am a different spirit than she is. I'm glad because now we have a better, easier relationship.

My mom is a lesson in learning self-control. She'll have you living in the heat of summer trying to save money on the electric bill and then smother you in the winter because she's cold. She will drive you to eat nails and never realize she is torturing you mentally.  Karra has learned so much self-control the family over there see as a quiet, meek person. Ha! They should be around her here. I bet Karra appreciates me on the daily. Lol.

But when its all said and done we have to acknowledge, when it comes to hard things in life nothing holds you together like the women who care for you.

You can have an understanding father, a loving husband, or a dependable brother, but nothing pulls you through like a mother, a sister, a daughter or a female friend.

There are no words to explain it, they just do. Nothing holds you better than the feminal (my word &; I'm sticking to it) glue. Here's to holding on to the females in my life.


Even if I don't have a picture here of my fellow bloggers, you are in my every tap of the key.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your new word! You are too cool, now you are inventing your own language. Where I agree feminal is what binds but that XX chromozone is also a deadly poison that can pull you apart from the seams. Your family is beautiful!!!

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