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The 3F (Fighting For Faith) Christian… Sometimes I feel like I am sitting on the edge of the boat with my feet dangling over the sides. My face and toes are dripping from the effects of the huge waves of frustration and doubt that are slamming against me and yet I hesitate to grab the hand of the only one I am sure can save me.I’m sure I am not the only on that has felt like this, but I sure feel that I am. Sometimes, I'm just stuck on complaint and  wonder.  I just want to ask the Lord …What??? What am I supposed to do?  I know times are hard and I know a lot of people are feeling the strain. I just want to do or can someone teach me how to pull a dollar from thin air. 

 So, what I want to do is say...Come on Lord. This is not working. This is not what I signed up for. I want to say sit here near me Jesus so that we can have a heart to heart. Let’s review these promises written for my new birth because I am tired. I’m standing on my promises. I have tossed all of my old baggage and habits overboard in the hopes of lightening my load and yet wave after wave keeps smacking me in the face and the boat is about to tip over. I want to say if all of this 'faith' stuff is not going to work I may as well be as the world.
And you know, the funny thing is as I write this I can see Jesus smiling and shaking His head like a friend that knows me better than any other. I can hear Him saying “Girl, you been there, done that before. The devil only uses things you have been through before. Shake it off, wipe your face and wade on in the water. You’re much safer out here with Me anyway.”
I could just laugh out loud.
A Video worth Viewing- 'Everything''.

It's just a reminder of how we are always watched over. The  music group is called Lifehouse.
I think of those who have no belief in God and rely on themselves and wonder on where their source of strength come. When you only believe in yourself and your own abilities, failure is that much lonelier and harder. If there is no belief in God, who do we call on for strength? Who do you call on for that one more push to continue?


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I loveyour new blog look! And congrats for finishing the challenge I am sooo proud of the three of us, you, me and Carol. What a trio?
Your writing is kind of like when I was a teenager I wanted to "fall in love" so bad. This paqued me through out my early twenties and no such luck. I tried and I tried but it just never happened. I finally stopped looking and trying to force the issue. Then bingo! What I am saying is maybe you need to stop trying so hard. Just write and net work and forget about trying so hard to sell. I think you need to remove yourself from the selling aspect for a while you are getting bogged down in it. Love you girl!

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