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Already, this morning I'm waking early and the unimagined has happened. God gave me insight in the night.

As you know I have been working diligently trying to convert previously published work into kindle ready format. Was my mind and abilities being Uncooperative? Without a doubt. Finally I figured it out, prepared the book just the way I wanted it and clicked onto Smashword. This is a wonderful site. Free and converts the manuscript into many formats.

Well, all evening I tried (after much reading and filling forms) to get it to publish and kept getting a stupid error saying the word doc. was really an Itunes doc. Unbelievable. Words into music. Whoever heard of such a thing. Anyway, the first thought that entered my head was Internet Explorer. Had to be from God because I hate Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla. To make a long story short, the book is now published. *beats head on desk* Unbelievable. I'll share more info on the book later.

Another thing. Today my daughters and I are going on a boat tour. I love Houston. A free tour on a sunny day. Unbelievable. Even more unbelievable, will be if I really get on the boat. Sounds like more water than I could drink and the closest I want to be to a fish is a plate. Me on a boat-Unimaginable.

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