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Our life is filled with ups & downs. The valleys, the mountains. Its up to us to grab our crown to hold on to during the slippery rush down. If we miss, the crowns are a beacon to look up and forward to. They keep the warmth in our hearts and encourage us to keep on going. To try a new approach to get out of the valley. I choose to use words.

When it comes to having a writing career I have been stuck in a valley ever since I took that first dive off the tip of that letter 'v'. I grabbed a crown and had to release it when I saw it as tarnished and filled with holes. Long story short-I had an incompetent agent that steered me from Ballantine books and towards Publish America. The things we don't know for ourselves can destroy us if we let it. Needless to say if I had known 'who Ballantine and the editor were I would have gone with them. Had I known the agent was hooked with PA....anyway I fought and had my contracts returned. So, for the past few years I have been down looking up, but towards the past and whining about what could have been. If I struggled to climb out of the valley (by sending out queries for old and new projects)the rejections knocked me back down. So I have decided to follow a new path. I refuse to follow (all of the time)every rule made by man. If I had I would have failed at many things.

I have learned to format my manuscripts for Smashwords and have put three books up which are now in multiple reading formats which can be read on e-readers and sold through Amazon and other bookstores. I have my author profile on Smashwords where 50% of each book can be read. Whoohoo, when all else fails God will reach down and pull us up.
The reason I chose to use 'Ey ' as my alias is because it reminds me of who I am. They are the middle initials of my daughters and myself. Without them I have no purpose.

Interviews with the characters and more information can be read at my site IN THE CHAIR. Please stop by, see who is in the chair and what they have to share.

I must give thanks to JA Konrath and his posts on Kindle books. He is making awesome selling paths on his self-published e-books and is willing to share his knowledge.


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