Xample or Imprinting

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Being an example is rarely a chosen position. You can never tell who is watching or listening to you.

I have worked with children for years and am constantly amazed when parents tell me how their children only do things certain ways because that's how Ms. Nancy does it. Or now, people tend to call for advice on many things because they have the impression I am smart. I'm not smart I'm a studier a research and try hard to learn. If I don't know how to do something I find a good reason to need to learn it and work at it until I succeed.An example I hope my children are following.

I have had a grandmother tell me how her granddaughters reminds her so much of me and my daughters. She says the child is soft spoken, talks 'proper', is so smart and an avid reader. Different from her other grandchildren. Wow. After four years of daily twelve hours of care from infancy to kindergarten, I bet she did become like one of us. I would consider myself a failure if a child hadn't gained the ability to read by the age of four. We are a laid back family. There are many times I would (still can) walk around the house and everyone would be working on something. Either reading, on the computer or doing some kind of project. I tend to unschool more than homeschool. Plenty of ideas placed around to gain interest and then I step in to give a little guidance, but everything is always hands-on. I follow their example.

The majority of the children I have kept for a long period of time eventually take on our habits. I tend to think of it as imprinting. I have stood strong in imprinting the belief to my daughters to be individual thinkers and sometimes it shows by the word 'different' being thrown around about us.  Imprinting seems to leave when a child enters public school. Their lives are then managed by example and they become followers.

Small example of following an Example- Have you ever walked in a place of business, saw a couple of people standing in a line at a window or register and just joined the line? After a little while you questioned why you were in that line, but never moved. And then someone else walks in the door and up to an empty register and was waited on. Did you got pissed off? Why?

People automatically follow who they consider to be their leader. Whether that person is wrong or not. Whether their choice of behavior or words incite anger or violence, truth or justice all it takes is a few to follow and more will join.  If everyone is jumping up and down more than likely you will start to do the same.Eventually the leader is no longer seen only the crowd around him/her and the agenda has been set on a roll. Hate is among us people and it starts of in small examples and has now become an imprint. I can use the Birthers as the example who have spawned the Tea Party which has imprinted its hate agenda (not everyone I'm sure) and now we have to wonder about the state of Arizona's (leader's) mind. I have a problem with Sarah Palin. With every gun formed finger she points at the POTUS or the targets she puts on her idiotic website, or the uninformed words  she uses about racial profiling she incites the insane and uncontrollable. I would be more afraid of her as a leader than anyone else.

Just remember, the persecution of the Jews started with small excusable easy to over look things. Removal of symbols, ability to pray, human rights....whose example is America following?


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Very well said. Congrats on all that knowledge I admire your tenacity.

Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post. Good to hear that your leaving a positive imprint on those around you.

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