And the Lord says--TADA!

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So, I was sitting watching tv when my cellphone rang with this programed ringtone.I was so thrilled I squealed. TaDa! It was my sister.  Angela sounded so much like herself. Tomorrow she's out of ICU. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!

TaDa! I finally figured out how to format my manuscripts for Kindle and other electronic readers. It has taken me two straight weeks without getting on twitter or hanging on the internet. How trying.

Isn't it amazing when the Lord drops a good day in your lap with a simple, TADA !

Oh, I'm also doing a little A-Z on my Wade-In blog.
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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Love those TADA moments! Praise God for your sister's healing. AMEN! said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for helping me to recognize the TaDa monents in my life.

Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Nothing like experiencing those thoughtful TaDa moments.

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