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SMILE! Did you know the power of a smile is deadly to a gloomy day? Its contagious and stays on your mind far longer than a shed tear. One of my habits is to try and catch the eye of someone and just smile, even a little. It tickles me to see the double take on a strangers face because we don't expect people to smile or say good morning to us. Oh, my gosh try it when you're passing cars on the street.Much more fun than "punch bug".

 I've seen many little children stop having a temper tantrum when I catch their eye and smile. They automatically smile back. We should be so free spirited.

What's more fun than bubble blowing outside at night?

Holding your baby sister for the first time and knowing your Older sister is doing very well.

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so right. Not only does a smile offered to someone else brighten their day, it brightens yours as well. What a great feeling!

Those babies are precious and so glad Big Sis is doing well. :) Praise God!

Bud Ezekiel H. said... Best Blogger Tips

i heard about a "smile ministry" by another friend around here. happy to hear that you're also involved with it:)

for your older sister?


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