Ridiculous People-(grrrrrrrr)

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The one crazy thing about having a loved one in the ICU are the impromptu family reunions. We have a HUGE family. My mom was the youngest of 18 children and she had 7 and we each have no less than 2. Angela has 4 and a grandson. The vase number doesn't just count grands and greats.

The scary thing about ICU reunions are the members who show up crying hysterically and ready to toss out last rites. Can we put out a sign that says 'nay sayers not welcomed'. These are also the people who only come around at this sort of time, dragging noisy reluctant children, and talking negative. The ones you would rather not see in the light of day. The mental fight to sustain common respect for these individuals is a testament to faith and rather or not you want to hold on to a family relationship.

And the one relation (there's always one) who went crazy with the phone, disturbing the nurses and Angela because she was too ridiculous to get out of her house to visit. Silly woman. Needless to say, she's ruined it for the immediate (and siblings)family members who can now not call with the 'secret' code to check on my sister from afar. When I heard 'we can't give any information over the phone' this morning, I was really nervous. But she is doing really good. Her husband gave a glowing report. Even better than we received last night.

The awesome thing about these kinds of reunions are the people God sends to comfort and inform. One of my cousins (she and Angie are like two peas) drove in from Louisiana just to visit for the 15 min. before going back. Can you imagine the love to make a 4 hr. trip for fifteen minutes of time. She is an RN.  and was able to share a lot of her knowledge and ease concern. I think what really helped Angela was the friend who had been through the same thing and is living through Lupus. Angie said once she talked to her friend she felt encouraged and it showed in her face and attitude.

The sweet things about yesterday's reunion was seeing the twins that used to live with us. They were so excited and clingy. I hated to leave them as much as they hated leaving. Wish I could have popped them in the trunk and brought them back. Their silly daddy had them ridding around in a souped up Impala without car seats, watching vulgar rap videos on his multi-screened seats.But alas, I blogged about them way too many times. Ridiculous people never change.


grandma-on-the-go.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable photo of the twins.
My son Darrell was hospitalized three times with double pneumonia and then twice when he pulled out the "g" tube.
I found the waiting rooms overflowing with "novel" characters and took notes for future writing.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny. I hadn't thought of that. It was so crazy with our family and the other people.

Hope your son is doing better

Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

An interesting "r" topic. Hospitals do tend to bring out two types of people-well wishers and nay sayers. Love the pic of the twins.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

I was praying for you yesterday and will continue to do so! Families are funny that way, I remember a time in the hospital with my late Aunt...it was a strange reunion to say the least!

Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband has spent a lot of time in hospitals over the last couple of years and I reached the conclusion that if you hadn't come to visit me in my home when I was feeling good I REALLY didn't wish to see you at the Hospital!

Praying healing for your sister!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I have those same people in my family. And I'm like you -- NO NAY SAYERS ALLOWED!

Glad your sis is better - Praise God! :O)

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