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These two letters run together in my life like the shadow of Siamese twins. It started when I was a kid and always being called by my sisters' name. For years by the eldest and twelve years later, by the youngest. You would think she would be called by name, right?  I'd say No, I'm Nancy. They'd say-Oh. Anyway, that's irrelevant.

A week or so ago a friend told me about a great opportunity to sell copies of my yet to be traditionally published history book. The e-book version is ready to be sold. It can be purchased through Paypal and downloaded to the computer. Its not for any of the electronic readers because it is not in their format and has audio and video. A preview can be downloaded at Wade-In Publishing.

So anyway, I used the last week to perfect the manu and  thought I would just printout and bind the pages to use as an example. In the back of my mind I smothered all doubts (with all kinds of prayer, delusion and childish wishes) on how I would get back and forward a few hundred miles without any money to accomplish this feat. Enter the twins....
  • N.O.-the large printer can not be connected to the laptop because the cords don't fit. Laptop only uses USB.
  • N.O.- you can not use the 4-in one printer because you have NO black ink, No paper.
  • N.O. way to get funds.
Then, I though a blessing had come through...I dug around found a new pack of paper, decided I would print in blue and hopefully had enough of the black ink to make the pictures come out. and low & behold all of one side of the 300 plus pages and 1/2 of the other side were printed when the ink totally ran out....
N.O. the twins took care of that.
So, I had another great idea, I had plenty of blank DVDs and CDRs I could just put the books on disk and sale those, right? And get my sister (who is a twin to our brother, though they aren't Siamese) to bring me to the place.
Enter the twins....
  • N.O.- the laptop (which is really a notebook) doesn't have a cd drive, let alone a burner. So those ideas are dashed.

So, needless to say that project has been scratched. Yesterday I felt so numb about everything, I couldn't touch the laptop, or let alone think. And I didn't dare post because I'm tired of whining.I don't know what the Lord wants. I just keep seeing

Those two letters are the hardest letters in the alphabet to handle because they come with a one-two punch.Too, bad they aren't triplet with the letter T, then I could tell them where to get off and make a success of something.

Anyway, see you Monday with the letter P. More than likely it will be a Perfect day.


Bud Ezekiel H. said... Best Blogger Tips

reading this and looking at your photo of NO i thought maybe it's not "in His time." if you reverse those letters...turning them upside down, it becomes ON. God can reverse things easily in our lives:)

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought the same thing. Its just frustrating as all get go to be waiting without a known purpose.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Just remember God has a perfect plan for you, trust Him, it will all work out!

Cathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Crossing my fingers for you - time will tell what happens on that day
Hopefully its Perfect for you and all your worries will be over - but then we do have to remember nothing and nobody is ever Perfect lol

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I know you have missed some opportunities lately but that is because God has something better in store for you.
I will make certain you are ready the next time. Tell me the name # & where you get the ink catridge and I will send it to you.
Finish printing it out and maybe two others and when another opportunity come your way (and they always will) you will be ready.
Miss you much!

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