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I prayed this day would be the beginning of a perfect, well 'good' week. On Friday evening I thought the prayer for at least having a small income was coming through. The girl I had provided childcare called to see if I would start watching the baby again. She's supposed to be at work for six, its 7:45 and she's not here. Bummer. This means I have been up since 5:00. Why are people so careless with the feelings of others. No phone calls or explanations. The same thing she did before. Contracts seem to mean nothing. I think on a whole society has lost its moral fortitude. I'm a little irritated and not surprised. This is a regurgitated scenario. $150 a week isn't a lot, but it sure beats nothing. Maybe from the apps. I've put out something better will come along.

Anyway, please pray for my sister. I blogged about her as my other mother. She's having gallbladder surgery around 2 this p.m. and maybe she'll go home this week. Saw her this weekend. She looks so much better and cheerier.

My daughters and I have really decided to become Urban Pot Planters--meaning we will grow fruits and veggies in lrg. flower pots. When we saw this package on sale from 9 to $3 we had to get it.
We are growing, potatoes, strawberries, onions, oranges, grapes, and lemon trees along with a few herbs. The asparagus we'll plant, but takes about three years before harvesting. If only electricity grew on trees.

Well, that's enough pondering, I have queries to post. Or maybe I should wait on that for tomorrow, it being a 'Q' day and all.

I will end this on a positive note, though. I have been poked by God and awaken this morning. I have seen all my daughters, I have felt God's breath as I put the dog out this morning, and I am able to pray and feel the damp grass under my bare toes on this, which is a PERFECT day.


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

AMEN and God's provision will come through for you, it always does. In His Name!

This is going to be a great week for you!

grandma-on-the-go.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Your positive attitude will get you through. Every day iw a new day. Let's make the best of it.
I pray for your sister.
Keep us informed on your "pot" plants.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said... Best Blogger Tips

I do hope your sister recovers quickly, I enjoyed reading your blog , I have read them all but have only been able to get through a couple of times because of "Pop ups". Any way better late than never,
Take care,

Raquel Byrnes said... Best Blogger Tips

That was really rude of her. I'm sorry that happened. Hope your week gets better.

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