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is for going for the gold or meeting our goal. The past few weeks it has been my goal to get out at least three queries per book I have written. That's about (18) in children, (9) in mainstream (3 )in nonfiction. The subtle changes for each agent is mind boggling. I used to do one at a time, but the wait is ridiculous. And even more frustrating is how the rules seem to change on a daily basis. Everything is a matter of whom is in charge at the moment.

I'm placing my bets on God (of course) and before I choose a potential I pray on it and alas, I wait.

Another big "G" in my life is my middle daughter. She graduated college as a dance/business major. This was astounding because as a child she suffered with rheumatoid arthritis. Her faith in God is so strong that at the age of 13-14 she decided she had been healed and stopped taking the medications. Gille never had dance lessons before entering college, but she was the star in class. Her grace is awesome. It shows in the way she walks and jumps (splashless) off a diving board. She never took swimming lessons either. She just sets a goal and goes for it. I am really amazed at my daughters and often wonder how they chose me to be their parent.

Her goal was to finish as quick as possible and she finished a four year degree in three. She was in school all year round and even ran a small business. I thought I would re-post something I'd written on her. At the moment she is a nanny and hoping to open a little dance studio.

Gillean's Time to Shine...
Gillean(pronounced Jillian) had a dance school before she moved to Houston.She did a lovely job of teaching the little girls tap, ballet, and jazz and they had a wonderful recital with seven performances. These are clips she showed between dances. She made the videos and took the pictures. I wish I could show you the entire recital. Her head for business is outstanding. She sold these pictures and more plus the videos. I hope you enjoy this post.


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

What an uplifting post! A lesson for us all that nothing is unachievable if we only believe. And trust God of course. :)

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said... Best Blogger Tips

I too think it is uplifting.
We must have our dreams or goals,it's fun being on that road to achieving them. Thanks for sharing.


Raquel Byrnes said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel like I just got a pep talk. Thanks for the great post. Hope your queries come back with good news.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Yea! I wonder where she gets that stuborness from? hahahaha
Loved you "G".

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