The Fire in Our Souls

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"F" is for flowers. The sign of Spring and new growth.With the first sight of a blossom hope erupts in our hearts and we shake off the doom and gloom of Winter. "F" is for the fullness of joy and the fulfillment of having done something fantastic when something I have planted, fits God's plan and grows.

"F" is for the fiction and fantasy we build around us. Or maybe I should say the 'Faith' we hold dear. I have the faith to believe the multitude of manuscripts I have written will some day be picked up by publishers and my words will not have been written for exercise.. I fantasize my self as such a prolific author, I'm even talking to myself on one of my blogs IN THE CHAIR. I follow the fire in my soul and sometimes have to talk myself into closing the laptop and going to sleep.

"F" is for forming a bound. For the belief my family and the world will unite and realize we need each other. And more than that, we need God. As humans we spend our time placing blame on one person and we forget the fact as we point we point back to ourselves. This is a picture I put together and wore on a t-shirt.This is my American flag. It is an image I have placed in 'Our' history book I have written. The fire in my soul burns eternal.


Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! All of it so true, as a nation we need to put God back into all we do! Blessings to you!

Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Great F-post. Enjoyed it.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoyed this "F" post. And yes, God must be an integral part of our lives if we want to live completely.

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