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Is for Enchante'. My Mhia. At near two years old she was so excited and entranced with her middle name it was the only name she would say when we asked "What's your name?"  I really wanted to give her the name 'Lyphe' as in -my life- because people were all in my business, but settled for being enchanted by her. She was so cute  Her smile is contagious.
Mhia (mya) is a sweetie. Once she learned how to bake/cook she has become the master of the kitchen. I no longer have the job. Things like slow cookers, rice cookers, and this mixer are her joys in life.
You would swear she was given gold. She travels kitchen supply isles like a man in a Home Depot.
She caresses and names pieces as if they are really special. I didn't  know there were so many names for a spatula, let alone seasonings. Oh, and as I mentioned before, she has a business on Etsy-Mel Mellis  Mel Mellis n. [honey; sweetness , pleasantness]. Isn't it amazing the things God gives us as gifts?


Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww...love this post! Thanks so much for sharing it! My husband loves to cook and buy new appliances too! Me, I like to bake! I am following you now!

Raquel Byrnes said... Best Blogger Tips

How wonderful to hear a bout a young person with such a great passion. The love of cooking is a nurturing and compassionate hobby. To bake for, create for, and bless others with the work of your hands is one of the truest forms of love...she seems a blessing indeed.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing your "sweetness" with us. I can tell by her smile she is a true joy. I too love cooking. To cook for someone is spiritual.

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