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First on creativity. Yesterday I wanted to write on the letter 'c' and so many things crossed my mind, but none touched me more than the pain brought on by the cavity on my tooth. The thing now had an abscess and like most I don't have medical coverage. But then there is God. He reminded me of garlic (which is a natural antibiotic), salt and peroxide.

I must tell you this can be a gross topic, but practically free and broached with caution so I'll make it short. Salt on cotton placed on an abscess is a lancer, peroxide (dabbed on with a q-tip) is a reliever and garlic is a healer. I feel so much better and that's it for grossness.

More on creativity--did you know God has given us the ability to do everything we dare to accomplish? Yesterday as I lay around (silently) I watched my daughters and felt very proud of them. As a single parent I home-schooled  them into college. If anyone would have seen the creative way the curriculum was put together and they way we went about learning new things....let's just say I love Texas. Our days were filled with fun, confusion, and complete astonishment at the ways of learning. I learned so much more from them than I think I imparted. The sense of wonder wasn't held in check by  schedules or brick and mortar. It was truly an educational freedom I wish I would have had as a child.

The youngest which is eighteen now, entered college at sixteen and has an online pastry business (Mel Mellis). My eldest will finish this year (she preferred working right out of school) has an online business (Ylaine)and my middle daughter graduated from college three years ago and has bought her a home (she has let her sisters and I move in after our home and my home business was destroyed by Hurricane Ike) has also started an online business (Gluten Toss). How's that for creativity and the crowing from a thankful parent.

Okay on to Caution. This morning as I was checking my twitter I read one from an author I follow her name is Precious Williams. She is the author two books,  Precious and Color Blind. In her article she wrote about a person she befriended on Facebook-A Cautionary Tale. I think we should all read this article.

Okay, see you later.
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Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips must be very proud of your children. Thanks for the tips in dealing with a toothache. Good c-post!

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope the toothahce has improved.
Your children sound just great.
another good post for the challenge.


WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for your visit and such kind words, much appreciated.
Have fun.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

So far the pain in my tooth has continued to be gone! I am very proud of the girls. they have been a Godsend.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic post -- I really enjoyed it and was not grossed out at all. :) I know you're very proud of your girls -- as you should be.


arlee bird said... Best Blogger Tips

Toothaches are miserable as can be, or me at least, trips to the dentist. I have never heard of the garlic treatment.

Your daughters sound amazing. For many years I raised 3 daughters as a single father until I met my present wife who really added to the support system. My daughters and her daughter are all now very fine young women on the road to successful lives.

Excellent post for "C" Day

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

It sounds like you have a lovely family and your daughters sound wonderful! Thanks for this post! Hope your tooth is good now!

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