And the first key is A

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So, I decided to try a challenge from Tossing it Out, blogging by alphabets. A first for me. And what an amazing day to start. The first of April with the letter "A".
 I wanted to be all amazing and awe inspiring, but could think of nothing to say once my fingers began tapping on the keys.

I figured I could write about myself-especially as I am an Africa-American, but more so because I am an author. Today I used my very quiet day to learn the process of converting a novel for Smashword and tomorrow hopefully I'll conquer the Kindle version.

In between this mind numbing form of creativity I trolled blogs. From the article 'Author's Marginalized" on LIBRARY JOURNAL.COM to a repost of "Dear Potential African-American Author"  to the blog site White Readers Meet Black Authors there has been much conversation going on about the placement of books in bookstores that are written by African -Americans. Pretty much everything we write is stuffed in one section where a great number of readers avoid.

I am one that believes in racial unity (hence the writing of my history book)  and find it disparaging being lumped in one section. What a way to limit potential buyers and discourage voices that may never be heard.

So that's my trip for the letter "A"  and hopefully all other letters will bounce with joy, but then again I was kicked out as President of the PTA for being an activist.    


Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Good start on the challenge. Let's see what the b-letter will bring.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said... Best Blogger Tips

Fine start, a bit daunting but fun to do. Good luck.


The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the comments and I shall be visiting you. Feel free to follow me on twitter.

arlee bird said... Best Blogger Tips

UNITY! yes! I agree with you on that one. Heritage is one thing cause the past is passed and we can't do anything about that, but we can do a lot to start changing attitudes now and make a difference for the future. We should never forget, but our memories should never hold us back either.
I am so glad that you are in this challenge because I think you have important things to say. If you can, try to leave some comments on some of the other participants' sites so they will be encouraged to check out yours. I'd like to see everyone get more readership.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

We are all created EQUAL in the eyes of God! You are my sister in God's family and color is only pigment not the person, it is who we are on the inside that should matter! Thanks for this post and for being in this challenge!

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