Could I Have Gotten an Early Christmas Gift?

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Last night as I was laughing and watching the twins roll around and wrestle on the floor like meowing puppies (they growl and screech a lot)I thought about how quiet our evenings used to be.
It used to be Mhia and I watching So You Think You Can Dance with minimum conversation. Now between each dance routine we are entertained with a little Wrestle Mania. I don't know why. A boy thing, maybe? They watch the dancing, clap on time and then wrestle. But they are a joy to watch. They seem really happy. I can't tell them apart anymore. One had a thinner face,but it has filled out. The other used to look miserable, but now he smiles as much as his brother. I have gotten to calling them 'whichever one you are' or asking them their name. Hey, I finally got them to stop calling me 'Mama', now I'm Mhia. For some reason Nancy doesn't roll off their tongue, but that's okay it has never been my favorite name.
I was thinking maybe this is a gift (to hold for a little while) to get us over the blues. If not, at least we have something to laugh about.


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