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This morning as I took my trip around the web I ran across a few articles, one in the Huffington Post about a poll placed on Facebook questioning the idea of killing a person. The other about the possible trial of as 9 year old rapist, the arrest of Roman Polanski, and an attack on a little girl by a pitbull.

In most of these stories the underlying theme is the 'victim' is not the concern. The mother of the little girl is trying to cause a case to ban pitbulls from Texas. People are not happy. This is hard on some people, but I don't trust them. Hey a dog is a dog, basically a  preschooler. Much as I love Gracie I don't let children play with her and I don't leave her alone with them. 'cause you never know. As for the two rapist, the girls are down played. Sure the boy is 9 and many people don't believe he could understand what he has done, but he should face some sort of consequences and not be able to spend the next 30 years exploring his 'artistic' talents without a worry.

The poll about Obama is terrifying. Why make a list to kill someone? Forget that he is the President, he is a man with a family. Who but a raging maniac would vote on killing a person. I should think it will be classified as a terrorist threat. Even if they are not arrested they are forever on the FBI list and their every move will be forever watched. Should make you cautious of the polls you take and social networking sites, right?


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I was mortified by the poll to kill the president. People are beyond racist they are "evil." People are so worked up over tea parties, socialism, healt care and the national debt they have lost sight of their humanity and Christianity. Do they think all this is brand new stuff made up by our president? This debate has been going on since Geo. Washington & will continue when we are all ashes. These fearful people need to turn to God for answers not assasination plots. And please give the "Patriotism" excuse a rest, no one is buying it. We see who and what you are. Post a picture of yourself on a blog wearing a ku klux klan hood...it would be more honest.

Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Personally, I am most disturbed by the 9 year old rapist. Part of me wants him severely punished and part of me feels sorry for him. Coming from Liberia, there's probably no end to damaging images he's been exposed to. And, it sounds as if his home life and school life was pretty bad. It seems that he's a top, spinning out of control. Hopefully, someone will no the best way to stop him and redirect the path his life is taking.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

The 9 year old bothers me also and the fact that another 9 year old is part of this is appalling. True they are not Americans and this is a common occurrence against women in their country, laws have to be learned. I hope someone is re-educating him because he is young enough to learn.

Everyone in the other situations have their minds firmly made up in what they want to do. They should place their own lives within the ramifications of a poll on a persons life and have fear for themselves.

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