New Souls

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I have this wonderful new soul in my life. Someone that puts all trust and smiles as if he has known me for a long time. This little fellow is a baby I am providing care for in my home. Right now he sleeps (I take him out as soon as he awakes) in one of Mhia's doll beds. I gave away everything for a center before we moved. Thought I wouldn't do this again.

I have always found it amazingly soothing to care for little kids. Sure they can cry a lot, change your routine, and drive you a little crazy, but they smile at you for no reason. Hug you without a thought and make you feel as if you really know something. I'm talking about little children. The ones who eyes just bug out with amazement at things you have done for years. I am very satisfied with imparting the little I know and watching through their eyes as the concept is understood. Teaching children is so much like the art of writing.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful little soul you are in charge of.

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