Keys in Time-

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I have often wondered about the hour of day a person awakes. Why is a certain time clock set for each person? My clock has always been set on 'go wake the chickens'.  I am usually in a deep sleep when I feel as if something has touched or passed by me and my eyes just pop open. I am awake for the day.

With my three daughters our home bore the routine of different sleepers. I always wake between 3:30 and 4 a.m.  Five in the morning always makes me feel as if I have awaken late. My mom hated this when I was a kid. I wanted to be up, dressed and ready to meet the sun. She wanted me to lay still. This caused me to entertain myself with stories in my head and probably planted the seed for writing.

Karra wakes by 6 a.m., Gille can sleep (with her head covered and a fan blowing on her) until noon, and poor Mhia doesn't go to sleep until 6 a.m. so her day is at night. The funny thing about this is when Mhia was born she came home sleeping through the night and the doctor recommended I wake her to feed her because she was 4 lbs. This threw off her internal clock and her eating habits because now she can't sleep at night and doesn't care a lot about eating.

In my ageless wisdom I have come to the realization that this is the time God has chosen for me to spend with Him. It is the only time all of the voices in my head are not fighting for my attention. At one time I begged God to let me sleep later. I would keep my eyes shut and whine in my head about how tired I was and for about two weeks I didn't awake until 6. I felt miserable all day. Nothing worked. So, I wake the chickens and am a source of entertainment for my children with my 9p.m. and after fight to stay awake.  For some reason I can be wide awake, but when the clock strikes nine I feel as if I am shutting down. Everything stops...but that's another story for another time.


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