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I have often thought the worse thing to be is uninformed. Just the other day my daughters and I were discussing the difference in being poor and intelligent to being rich and ignorant. Though I would love to be rich or even able to go a month without thinking about how to pay a bill, I would much rather be intelligent.

Within this life I have learned a lot. I have learned that God 'has this'. Sometimes I tend to think He is slow on the give, but I have learned there is always a reason.

When the news started about the change in the way we would be viewing television (digital) I told my daughters I wouldn't upgrade our television or buy a converter box because I believe it is all a way for the government to zap in like a Twilight Zone movie and switch all of the channels at one time and give us a lecture. But then I entered a drawing and won one of those televisions. Good or bad? Hmmm...even though the channels don't always come in without being hooked to The Tower, the television has made a great 32 inch computer monitor. Some have asked how did I do this. Well the first thing I did was ask, as in ask.com.  I love this site because I can ask a question in whatever form and an answer is almost always given. As an 'instructor in life' (as I titled myself to the girls) I always told my daughters to ask when they didn't know something. It is the only way to learn. Forget what others think or think they know. If you don't know what good does it do you?  My simple question was: How do you connect a tv to your computer. There is an RGB PC area at the back of my television and simple as pie the monitor cord connects just the same as it does to a traditional monitor.  What is my take on this? God knew my computer was going to go on a trip and I would whine in His ear all day (and night) and He sent me a 32inch monitor to shut me up.

Oh, and something else I learned from an older television that kept me sane with the monitor, the constant going on and off will cease if the screens are unplugged for a while. Could be days, but I definitely learned not to toss something as soon as it stops working.


LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

Very innovative and unique idea!
Oh, I'd rather be poor and humble than be a rich and insecure.

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