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Yesterday I was talking to my sisters via three-way about the deviousness and lack of family feelings my brother the 'preacher' has. After all the hateful things my brother has done lately (read) he still had the gall to send an email with the subject  title A big hug.  At the bottom of the post he put  these words 'what God has opened your hands to give away, He will give you something better'. The truth is, when you steal you pay for it. Sooner or later. On the same day he sent out an insulting  text to many family members using a program in his Iphone (I bet that phone I found was his) that can change the sender and phone number. It was he says a joke, but he sent it in my name, but wasn't smart enough to change his phone number. The man needs our prayer before he really loses all control.

It bugs the (h-e-double hockey sticks)out of me how people will take the word of God and use it to justify the wrong they do. I have decided to call these people "Bookend Christians". Definition: A person who stands between their delusional self-interpreted Word of God like books on a shelf.  No substance, no understanding just a crutch.

What are some of your 'new' words?


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I can SO relate! SO, SO, SO relate. I have known many people who have hidden behind religion and "the word" to cover up their sins. In fact, the Bible is full of these people.

Through my journey with these individuals, my husband and I have coined the term, "public displays of repentance." This is basically someone who makes a big show of being "sorry" for what they've done when really they couldn't be more ingenuine.

I find that those who scream the loudest, those that are the most fervent in their insistance of their own holiness are the ones with dark, dark things hiding in closets.

If you think about Christ's time on the earth, he was the opposite. He was meek, mild, humble, compassionate, non-judgmental, and kind.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with Holli, the ones that preach hell & brimstone the loudest are probably the ones on their way there. Then there are heartless and cruel repenters like John Edwards that lie as they express public displays of repentence. Now we discover he discussed marriage plans after his wife death. Disgusting!!!!!
Last in this group of deceivers are the people shouting "Patriotism" when their actions reek of "Racism." I am a descendant of slaves and black/white slave owners and I can tell you this with certainty. If you think slaves just loved their owners and slaves were just like family you are missing valuable lessons from your bible. The very premise of owning another human being is sinful and you can't condone it & profess to be a Christian. Very good post!

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

The thing believed by society is that an apology clears it all. No matter how fake. Me, I would rather you honestly slap me and walk away than to stand and apologize to my face with a lying twinkle in your eye.

Giving an apology is something we have been taught to ingrain in our children. If I ask a child to apologize and they refuse I don't make them because it will only be teaching them to lie. Either from fear or to get over. I remember one teacher saying 'excuses do not excuse, they merely explain'. I used it on the girls often.They have to take the punishment.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips

Having been on staff at a mega church, I can truly understand. My brief experience is here:

I hope an pray your brother comes to his senses before it's too late and he ruins a ministry and disappoints many hearts who are hanging on his words, example, witness, and sermons.

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