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Okay, today I go into work and make it my final day. I purposely waited because this is pay day. what I hate is that I will have to return in two weeks to get this weeks final check.

Yesterday Licensing came to the center and the woman was written up BIG time. Someone had come in during nap time and saw one person on duty (the other girl was there on her break and cleaning the building) and one person cleaning and reported a lack in supervision. It really was but I couldn't make the woman understand, she honestly believes one person can watch 12 children (including infants) alone. Basically cleaning during nap was how we did our duties, we remained on the job during break time. Anyway the director wasn't there and she was pissed when I talked to her last night. Mainly because I hadn't told her while the lady was there, I had intended to, but when I was talking to her (and before I could tell her) after the lady had gone she was too busy going off about the fact I gave someone her cell number to inquire about employment. The stupid thing is the person probably got the number off the sign on the top of the building and her issue is not with them calling, but with the fact the people that are calling are either White or Black. She wants to hire someone Spanish. When she said this again in the phone call I just figured I would let her get what she needs.

So many of the things she was written up for I had already told her about, but she just felt she knew the rules better because I hail from Beaumont. Child care Licensing is the same all over Texas. It amazes me how people can open a daycare and run what amounts to a puppy mill. Switching children around from room to room to make the numbers look good and not caring whether or not the children are happy. Working the staff to death, showing no gratitude, and then wanting loyalty.
Well, gotta go. If I don't work all day it will be no loss.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! I know you will find something better.

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