51 Candles for HAPPINESS

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I am so happy this evening. I am happy and cheering inside because the two reporters were pardoned. I really like Lisa Ling and felt really sad for her.

I am so happy to have been featured on "Dream Weaver" a blog written by an author( Debra Harris Johnson) I really admire.

I am so happy because today I finally decided I would quite my job. I know this may not be the right time to do it, but the work environment is stressing me enormously. There are now two brand new babies in my room (new as in two & three months) and at least six new children in the other class. It makes a total of thirteen children whose lives are left in my and the younger girls hands and it makes me nervous to be the only people in the building. God forbid if any kind of emergency occurs, how will all of the children be kept safe?

I am so happy because my youngest (the pastry chef) baked me a three layer lemon cake with meringue frosting, the eldest made me a spinach and mushroom pizza and the middle drove over an hour just to come hang out.

I am so happy that those who thought me worthy, called or wrote just to tell me have a happy day....and it worked.


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