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Even if you never win anything you can always rest assured someone thought about you. I am so glad to have been chosen to receive the Honest Scrap Award by my dearest friend Debra


The rules of the Honest Scrap Award are to reveal Eight Honest Things about yourself. Here are the easiest to live with:

1) When I was young my sister and I hid in the kitchen cabinet in order to taste the ‘cake make’ (vanilla extract) our mom used to make cake. What an awful experience. The taste was horrible and my mom still kills herself laughing at the story. It hasn’t stopped me from loving the smell of vanilla extract as I now watch my daughter bake.

2) I’m not that crazy about cookies and cakes, but I love to stick my fingers in the bowl of mixture. I have no idea why it always tastes better than the baked items.

3) For some strange reason I always have to have a cup of coffee early in the mornings. Only during the week, never on weekends and never if I am not staying at my own home. Haven’t been able to figure that out.

4) Call me Monk, but I hate walking on the floor with naked feet. To me it is the same as walking on my hands. Totally gag worthy. Even worse, I hate seeing other people walking around with bare feet. The woman who works in the baby room with me never wears socks and shoes are not allowed in the room. Imagine the germs the babies are getting from her big naked toes squishing in the carpet. Excuse me a minute while I gag… Ahk. Please wear socks, flip flops or shoes.

5) I also dislike pets meeting me at the door. Especially the crouch smelling kind. This is why Gracie has to continue sitting until a guest shows signs of wanting to talk to her. She always sits quivering on her pillow until we tell her to come say hello.

6) Here is a biggie, I am an envious writer. I am so impressed with the ability of others that I secretly try to learn everything. I wanna be like you. I want to learn at every breath.

7) I am also a lazy writer. My mind is always so full that I can never type all that is within or rest on one subject. Conversations and topics flow and mesh so much that if I were talking out loud someone would probably commit or drug me for insanity. As it is my girls look at me and shake their heads in pity because of the topic jumping. And so I rarely write. Here is something that has been bothering me for years…what is the difference between ‘aloud’ and ‘out loud’? Which is the one to use?

8) If I could live on the act of writing it would be my breath and my nourishment.

My nominees for the Honest Scrap Awards are:
Angie and
most of my friends I follow have been nominated as the greats they are.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow this is great stuff. I too hate "naked feet" on a floor. Yuk. You will never catch me shoeless. Who knew there were others like me in that aspect?

I find it easier to write when I have a prompt or assignment. I too suffer from millions of stories running around in my head and STUCK THERE because I can't seem to get them on paper.

LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the nomination- I am truly grateful for your continued kindness and support. I am also a coffee hound- have to have it any and all the time! Love you and your blog!

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