I Love August

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Not only is it the most glorious time of the year...people can not stop talking about August because of the hell raising temperatures, the fact school will be starting (peace will reign in the house again), and Nancy was born. No doubt other names will be memorialized because they happen to have been born in my month, Obama and the late Michael Jackson.

The funny thing is my day of birth will be mentioned quite often this year because Obama just happens to be born on my birthday and as the eldest I claim this date. He will no doubt celebrate in a grand style, I will celebrate with a calm everyday smile and I will be very happy. I have my daughters. Yesterday all of this could have been different.

It rained in sheets here in Houston and my eldest and youngest daughters were on a mission to meet their sister whose car was broken. As I sat at work rocking a baby I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness and the image of the girls being in a crash. Thoughts of how I would not be able to live without them flowed in my mind so quick and felt so real I thought I would cry. All I could think was Lord put your protective hand around them. I decided to call them from the center's phone so they would have the number in the cell phone and the first try went directly to voice mail. I dialed again and at the second ring my youngest answered. She sounded really happy on the phone and after chatting a second I asked if they were safe and she said "now we are" (heavy thump of the heart). She went on to tell me how they had just hydroplaned over three lanes of the highway, almost hit the walls, with rain splashing over the entire frame of Lola. The amazing thing is, before the slide cars were all around them driving slow and during the slide nothing was around them. I see God's hand in and around this near accident. I think I have received the BEST birthday present ever. One more thing. They said the rain was so bad they passed a girl driving alone and really slow and crying. I pray she made it to her destination.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful story! I love August too -- my baby was born in that month! And, trust me, after being that pregnant and that hot, nothing could have been more glorious. When is your birthday?

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

August 4th. My youngest was also born in August on the 27th.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband is Aug. 6th. I love Aug. too.

LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

I, too, love August. Two of my children have August birthdays (Katie the 10th and Drew the 29th) AND my wonderful husband, Pete, has his birthday on August 16. It is a VERY expensive month for us around here, though, with back-to-school, too! I need a job! :)

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