Knot My Bead

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“I feel that we as Americans are all equal and held together by a common thread. Like a treasured beaded necklace of different colors held together on a string, we are held together by our necessities and our circumstances and our humanity. Every color helps to make the necklace beautiful. We can never be a totally separate entity! Americans of all colors are so integrated that if we hurt one, we hurt all. Just like that necklace of treasured beads, leave one out and the gap is seen. Break the chain and many of us are lost.”

I believe in America and its ability to evolve. I believe the incident with Dr. Gates and the police officer was definitely a teaching moment and shed light on emotions held in check by all races. I applaud the woman who reported the possible break in. Way to look out for your neighbor. Those who have never had to deal with racism may never truly understand the hurt in our spirit just as we are sometimes unable to accept or trust the white flag waved in our faces. We spend our days playing hopscotch or hide and seek with our true feelings. It is a wonder frustration has not burst out all over. I feel the problem continues because we do not know each other’s histories or how close we are tied together.


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