Where Else but America?

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Thank God for America. This month marks the 100th anniversary for the NAACP. Yeah for advancement for all. Discrimination is a horrible thing. It is worse when you live in a country that was born on the idea of liberties and strives to make immigrants feel welcomed while those born in the nation feel as if they are still begging to be recognized.

Where else but in America can an African-American be employed by an African and this African dislike African-Americans, because they think we have it so easy and this African hate America and yet own two businesses? How in God's name was she able to get funds to open two day cares and I can't get it for one? She doesn't even follow the Government's rules because she hates our Government. I have heard this woman call African-Americans the 'original' Africans or heard disparaging remarks like 'your mother is a descendant of a slave', or 'your' people so often within the past month that I know it won't be long before I tell her something. I bet there is nowhere else but America that a Black person can be discriminated against from both sides of their heritage. I must be stuck in the slave mentality mode. A need for a job has made me really understand the lingering anger behind the older generation. I applaud all who endured without violence and made a change within America. I still say God Bless America.


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