What's in a job?

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Today is a breather. I had not realized I had been so stressed with that last job until it hit me the weekend. I guess I had been holding the stress in because my stomach stopped having a burning sensation by mid Monday morning and my back has stopped hurting.

The act of working under lies, criticism and the potential for danger can really tear you apart. Imagine watching one of the scariest movies you can think of and that is how I felt daily. You never know exactly what is going to happen and so you sit on the edge of trepidation. I am so glad that is over.

Yesterday I promised myself a day off, but it didn't happen. I went for an interview at a private school. it looked really nice and promising. At least this time the owner was given a recommendation about me by a mutual acquaintance and the job is practically two minutes from home.

Here's to working with children. If only I can get someone to step me into the field of earning money for writing. That is where I would love to be.


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