What is Trivia to One...

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May be major to another.

This weekend I couldn't find my ink pen. It is a favorite. A friend gave it to me as a gift for my first book signing. I have had this particular pen for eight years. It has been misplaced many times (and found it)as well as refilled at least once each year.

This weekend I couldn't find it, again. I guess what really tortured me about the loss was that I was in Louisiana at my cousin's funeral. How trivial it felt to worry about the misplacement of a pen when a life was gone. Even as I shrugged my shoulders and consoled myself with the typical words...its just a pen and you can buy another (not at $50 with my income), I still emptied and searched the suitcase, the purse, the laptop bag and the car to no avail. More than anything in life I hate is misplacing or losing something. I try to keep everything in a certain place (even in my purse) so I don't have to search. When the pen wasn't in its place I just couldn't believe I had lost it so far away from home.
Calling home and to talk to the girls I asked if I had left it home and yes, it was sitting on the table.
Do you have a favorite inanimate object you would hate to lose? Would you consider it trivia?


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Totally understand. I have a few of those items.

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