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Here is another side of childcare. An ex-client of mine from my childcare days called today for me to help her with her daughter's school project. That's not surprising. The surprising thing is the project is about the child's milestones. How strange it was for the mother to call from Beaumont ask me what her child had learned or her milestones from the age of one year to five years.

I can remember her first words, steps, how she would hum classical music as it played in the room before she was a year old. I remember the first time she signed the word 'bottle' and the first sentences and books she read at the age of three. What bugs me is how her mom remembered none of this. I meticulously kept notes of all these things (for each child), made videos of our days into short movies, put them on dvds for the parents and kept open communication.

The twins I nannied a couple of months ago had tremendous learning growth while I was there. From holding the bottle, sitting, crawling, pulling up, eating solids and signing. Everyday I told the mom and would have to say, are you going to write it down? She never did.
We (my daughters and I) love looking through the memory books of their early lives.
My question, whose job is it to keep memories?


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

That is incredibly sad to me. I'm glad, though, that you were such an amazing care-giver that you remember these milestones of the children you cared for.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I just can not imagine such a mother. Three forths of my house & 95% of what is on my Christmas tree are my daughters mementos.

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