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The hardest thing about being a nanny to someone's child is having the parent home when you are there. No, having the grandparent there is even worse. I would rather stand in an elevator and listen to the Muzak with an off tuner singer humming in my ear, for eight straight hours than endure such torture.
1. The child or children behave horribly. Which makes it look like you can't do your job.
2. The child's loved on let's them behave horribly. Which makes it look like you can't do your job.
3. When you try to take control of the situation, you are stripped of authority. Which makes it look like you can't do your job.

In other words how can you nanny or babysit when the kid is sitting on the parent's lap or the grandparent is consistently redoing whatever you or doing? Ugh.
And then they may want to assign you to do some kind of menial house work. Because you can't do the job.

The all time worse is if you work in a house with a recalcitrant child and the television is not allowed on (because tv is bad fore the child) and no music s on. Oh, my God. A lot of the new parents are all visiting the same websites telling them television is not good. Are they not realizing sitting all day at the computer constitutes sitting in front of the television? They are hypocritical and ignoring the fact that television (in small doses) or music even is a great source of brain stimulation can be educational, and hey...we all grew up with it and being professionals (as most of them are)who pays someone $12 and above a hour to watch them watch their own kid television must have...wait let me change that. If they can pay a person that much to sit and watch them play with their own kid maybe the television did do them a big diservice.

I'll just take my money and run.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! I was home when my daughter had a nanny. Sometimes we both were. Fast forward twenty years. I now respect that on the day my house keeper comes to make sure she has the house to herself. I must say our nanny spoke up & sometimes bossed us around. We didn't care she loved our child & that was the most important thing.

Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Man, I never thought of that... it makes 100% sense.

I remember when I taught preschool and the kids would act out in front of their parents. I can rememeber that awkward feeling of... are you going to say something, because if you're not, get ready for me to say something!

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