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To some it may be called a 'desk', but to me it represents commitment. From previous pictures you may have noticed my desk consisted of two boxes with a board across. I now have a desk that has a lift up glass for whatevers, and a slide out for my laptop.

This desk is one of two pieces of furniture in my bedroom. The other is a file cabinet that holds the printer.

I had refused to buy anything because I lost a lot of good pieces in the move out here and things just feel so temporary I was fearful of getting too comfortable.

Living the past week with the coming death of my cousin on my mind made me realize life is totally as permanent or as temporal as we make it. Yesterday, I bought this desk because I would rather sit on the floor and write than in a chair. Now for something to put in the rest of the room. The right wall of the room is completely mirrored.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

So sorry to hear about your sweet cousin. What a beautiful home you have. We all struggle but the important thing isn't the struggling it's the living. Live Nancy live!

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